Do Traffic Exchanges Work?

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Do Traffic Exchanges Work?

Traffic Exchanges Really WorkTraffic Exchanges “do NOT work”, UNLESS you know what you’re doing with them! I’ve used TE’s for over 12 years with great results. In fact, Traffic Exchanges was the only way to get web traffic that I had known before.

TE’s are a great way of promoting any business that has to do with “making money online”.

TE’s are still a place where there are a LOT of people. They are still looking for ways to make money online… However, most of them don’t know any better, that anything else existed beyond TE’s and “money-making programs”.

TE’s were the first place where I started learning how to build a list back in 2002. TE’s still work IF you want to promote something related to “making money online”.

GoldenSuccesstoday is on a mission to help EXACTLY the kind of people who are still surfing TE’s and still searching for a better way to earn a decent income online. So it’s a bit of a paradox – I no longer surf TE’s as a surfer, but I do advertise my website on TE’s, because that’s where my audience is.

The main thing on TE’s though is to grab surfers’ attention within just a few seconds.

The best type of landing page to link your splash pages to is a squeeze page with an opt-in form, so you could build your list and then follow up with your subscribers to give them more information and recommend related products that will bring you affiliate commissions.

So: Splash Page –> Squeeze Page –> Opt-in List –> Follow-up –> More information, education, tips, training, etc. –> Affiliate promotions (or your own products) –> Affiliate commissions (or direct sales).

Hope it helps!


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