Grow Your Business with Lead Management

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Grow Your Business with Lead Management

Grow Your Business with Lead Management

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Easily manage thousands of leads, clients, customers,
contacts, and subscribers. Store custom information
about each one, share, collaborate, organize, and build
targeted lists with your sales team that can generate income
for you over and over again.

A lead is a person or persons that indicated their interest in your
company’s product or service. What makes this work is the
link to a product or service that you are promoting throughout
an advertisement of something you are promoting, (eBooks,
courses, traffic generation programs.

Let’s see how Leads Management works to grow your business-
A link to a product or service, it asks you to fill out a Capture Form
with your name, email address and maybe your phone number.

What is the next step Leads Management?

Next we can also connect with you through an Auto-Responder series
of follow-up emails about the product or service that you signed up for.
Between the two of us we will grow your business together.

Things to remember about your leads management and lead generation process.
(From personal contact)
1. How can they help your business?
2. Though it is not necessary what can they bring to the table.
3. Why did they take the action that they did

There are programs that will charge a fee, not by your membership level
but by the number emails that you send. some offer to build a list for you
(you have no contact with your leads)

With EBB the number of auto-responders is membership based.
EBB Membership levels no-cost Membership Includes
Post to Marketplace for Points, Earn Points that can be exchanged
for Upgraded Memberships, 50 daily free login points.
Starter Membership $10 dollars/Month email your referrals, two
auto-responders, 20 messages per A/R, email up to 600 subscribers
at once

Advanced Membership $25/Month
email your referrals, email your extended network, unlimited leads and
contacts, Unlimited auto-responders

Communication is an important part of building your business


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