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I retired in 1993 from working as a boiler maker in upstate New York.

In 1995 I purchased my first computer and worked on my skills to build an online presence by teaching and training internet marketers

As I have learned there are many ways to train you for success and one is through the creation and publication of videos and video tutorials.

As my knowledge of Search Engine Optimization – SEO
and Internet Marketing and how it works has grown substancially over the past few years.

I wanted something more than being able to communicate with friends and family. I still enjoy doing that but I have noticed how much more rewarding it is to teach and train others.

I own 3 domains GoldenSuccessToday, RobertCulbertson. I am interested in blog writing, teaching. I have my own blog at Bobs Tips Korner.

There is so much I can share with you, and in turn, learn lots about you. IF You use skype: then add me. Lets connect and get to know one another. SKYPE ID: bculbertson Feel free to join me in Easy Business Builder.