Remote Access Trojan – (RAT)…

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RAT a Remote Access Trojan

RAT a Remote Access Trojan has been raising havoc
with marketers and the equipment that they use
(i.e. computer) by creating a back door for
administrative over the target computer. RATs
software are usually downloaded and installed in
program downloads such as a game or sent as an
email attachment.


Malware does damage businesses as well and
individuals to gain access to an organizations
systems or networks, to gather your valuable


Viruses are the most common types of malware,
they come embedded in a piece of software or file
and will infect the system when that file or
software is run. A virus spreads itself to other
files and programs and if those files are
transferred will potentially infect other PCs.


A worm acts in much the same manner to spread
itself, the worm does not need to be triggered by
the users — it will automatically propagate


A trojan is kind of malware that pretends to be a
legitimate program it is designed look like a
useful app, but will scturally create malicious
havoc on your system when run.


Malwarebytes is a professional automatic malware
removal tool that is recommended to get rid of

Using fake updaters/installers is how RMS Rat is
proliferated onto your computer

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