Who Am I

My name is Bob Culbertson. My wife Faye and I live in Northeast Louisiana.

I have been a member of the Viral Host Community for several years and I own 2 domains hosted at Viral Host, goldensuccesstoday.com and robertculbertson.com. I am 73 years old and retired working to build an online presence by teaching and training you to do the same. As I have learned there are many ways to train you for success and one is through the creation and publication of videos and video tutorials.

When I bought by first computer in 1999 I wanted something more than being able to communicate with friends and family. I still enjoy doing that but I have noticed how much more rewarding it is to teach and train others for their successes.

Skills I have learned are:

  • How to Create Videos
  • How to Create and Use Surveys
  • How to Setup a Blog from C-panel
  • Speaking of Yahoo Messenger, Make sure that you add me to your buddy list. My Yahoo ID is bobcculbertson. You can download the messenger here